DAY 3 B.C.

What are your top three pet peeves?  The long awaited day 3 is here! Lol.. Busy days, forgive me. My excuse with my absence is getting much right? Me and this my blog..smh Ok! Most of my pet peeves have to do with ignorance.  Number 1: I dislike ignorance a whole lot. I hate to … More DAY 3 B.C.

DAY 2 ~ 30 D.C.

WRITE SOMETHING THAT SOMEONE TOLD YOU ABOUT YOURSELF THAT YOU NEVER FORGOT Before I start on today’s challenge, let me tell you a bit about my day. I had a crappy stressful day, yes, that kind of day you wish you didn’t wake up to or wish you could just sleep back and wake to … More DAY 2 ~ 30 D.C. my head

My last post is exactly two months old today. What a coincidence, right?.. Not planned anyway. I wrote about how I was down due to an illness, I’m glad I can write again that I’m 100% OK! Yes! Mighty thanks to God for the clean bill of health. We starting on a clean slate. 😀