Everyone else but YOU.

Have you ever wondered why, somehow, people you meet and the ones around you just seem to know what’s best for you but your opinion doesn’t matter or count?everyonelsebutyou

You have a conversation with a friend, parent, mentor, colleague, pastor, the conversation ventures to what you do, your career et al and before you know it, they have all these “wonderful” choices and thoughts of a better career for you. You are there staring at them and pretending to listen like, oh really, I didn’t know you were me, that you know me so well to discern what’s best for me.

Don’t get me wrong, of course you can be advised, but I’m making reference to those ones who just tell you what you ought to be doing, like if they had all the power in the world, they will remote control you into doing it. Yeah, those kind.

I have been there countless times, right from childhood. In some way, they take a look at you and whoosh!, they have an idea about who or what you should be, as though they are soothsayers and have traveled to ones future. Growing up, mere looking at me, one would know I definitely won’t venture into the sciences, though I loved to pull damaged electronics, toys and what not apart to try and understand the mechanism or fix it. Wait, do you think I missed my calling as some sort of engineer? Oh well, I don’t think so, been that I loathed physics back in high school, oh my! Plus I think most of us went through that stage at some point in our lives.

I also remember tearing my primary school uniform apart so I could make a red dress for my headless doll. Those were my seamstress days, ha ha. I still look forward to learning how to make a real dress though.

The most prominent of all such career prescription I had ever gotten in my time, was to be a lawyer, and man, how I dislike that profession (no offense to those practicing). Sometimes now people do still ask if I’m a lawyer, to which I answer NO with an obvious irritated countenance. Maybe I do possess a skill needed to thrive in that profession but does that mean it’s the route for me?

I strongly believe this is one of the major reason we have frustrated folks in our work places. Our job becomes work because there’s no passion.

I may not be where I want to be in my career at the moment, but I know I want to get to a place where my job does not become work, where my work becomes me and not the other way round. To wake up every morning excited and delighted to get on doing what I do.

Have you had such experience? Are you in a profession you detest so much? Guess what, it’s never too late to switch, to start something you really want and desire to do. It’s time to give life to that passion, zeal, fire burning within. Don’t let the mediocrity of our time or the thought of what people may say or do stop you from becoming who you really want to be! I definitely have alighted from that wagon. Go #FindandBecome!


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