To Andy, Berth was the most beautiful girl ever.

An epitome of all that he could ever hope for.

He knew she could complete him in several ways.

They have been friends since their teen years and over time have learnt a lot about each other.

The best of friends they were.

But he longed for something more, something deeper.

To spend the rest of his life waking up to her smile as the sun illuminates her beautiful face.

Then again, he was afraid; scared she may not want the same.

One day she ran to him, all excited and full of joy and as she approached him, he was filled with such happiness as he always enjoyed seeing her in such mood.

“He proposed”, she said, squealing in excitement. Totally perplexed, he stared at her, mouth agape, “Who proposed? Proposed what?”

“Nedu, of course, you silly head. He asked me to marry him and I said yes!”  “We’ve started thinking of the date. Oh! The colors for the wedding, reception venue……..” she went on and on completely unaware of his now solemn mood.

More astonished than before, he was totally lost for words. He didn’t know if to jump with her in excitement or tell her how heartbroken he really was by the news.

She has known Nedu for just 6 months! How could that have happened?, he pondered.

He, Andy has been planning to reveal his feelings to her but somehow, always found a reason to push it back, and now, the girl of his dreams walk down the aisle with another while he watched.

Can he turn the hands of time, he thought.”Maybe in a few minutes I will wake up” he said.

Fate oh fate! Was it really in the hands of fate? I don’t think so!

Would she have said yes? That,He will never know.


Colors. Bright and beautiful colors. Vanny had eyes for them. She was artistic and loved fashion. Over the years she has stashed up folders containing unique sketches of her wonderful works. Her mum always told how awesome her they were and encouraged her to do something more with the amazing talent she had. But Vanny never thought so, for all works, she told herself that there was something better than hers out there. Why would anybody choose hers? Mum is just been nice cos after all, that’s how moms are, nice, encouraging and always have the best words.

So she stashed them up in a neat pile and continued to work in the café where she never really liked.

It happened in a flash, nobody noticed the weird looking man who sat alone, all fidgety for the past 20mins. I mean, it’s a café and strange people come and go. A suicide bomber he was and before anyone knew it, boom went the café, no one survived, not even ever cheerful Vanny.

Her room was kept like she never left and one day, her cousin went in, just to feel what was left of her presence as he has been away in the army for the past few years and he found the pile. He gave them to a contact in the fashion business who couldn’t stop expressing his amazement at what he beheld. He asked for the owner and was told the sad story.

He still went ahead to use them all in her memory and people loved it.

If only she had pursued the dream. If only she went for her dreams and fought for it against odds. May be she wouldn’t have been in that café. Just maybe…

… Celine Dion Sang…

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

But I didn’t do that

You gotta give it a shot

Better believe

And don’t say you, coulda woulda shoulda!

Follow your heart where it’s calling on you.

Cos in Love (Life) there’s no holding back!

Are you living in a coulda, woulda, shoulda world. I think it’s time you migrate. Don’t let the thought of what people say or what they may think, hold you down.

You owe it to no one else but you to be the best you could ever be .

#Go #FindandBecome.



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