Self Worth?


Based on how you see yourself, you will conclude what your worth is and how valuable you are –Author Unknown

I sat in for an interview today, we are trying to replace the store manager. we had two candidates (male and female) for today’s session, the male one is a graduate and the female is still in college but has gone through some other diploma programs.

Getting done with the interview, our manager asked the guy how much he is expecting to be paid and our dear interviewee became dumb. A few seconds passed and we just sat there gazing at each other in silence. I decided to slice the silence by trying to further explain what the manager meant by “how much do you expect to be paid”, like it was such an ambiguous question in the first place. Waiting to hear something reasonable, the dude responded with “anything”. I was dazed! I didn’t know if to feel pity or stand up and give the guy a resounding slap that would propel him back to earth because it felt like he was somewhere else. I restrained myself and continued to stare at him in utter amazement by his silliness. After much cajoling and questioning, he finally gave a figure which almost made me do a back flip. How low can you go?!

In came the other candidate, the female, and I couldn’t wait to throw the same question at her and as expected but still disappointing, her figure was below that of the other candidate. She practically begged for the job, telling me how it’s not easy, I could see the tears waiting to drop from her eyes. But if only tears can secure a job I want, I would cry an ocean.

I kept wondering why a graduate will have “anything” as a response to his financial expectations. How can you not have a reply? Have you forgotten the years you spent attending school, the hours, the sleepless night, the irritant lecturers, the thrills, hard-work and so on? Even if you bought your certificate off some market, you did still spend some money on it and should be looking to get it back.

Then it hit me, this is the reason there is so much imbalance in the job sector. The owners of firms are getting richer and the employees are “managing” to eke out anything for themselves and their family. In pidgin English it is said, ”Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop” (the monkey is working while the baboon does the eating).  But I am beginning to think it’s the monkey that is letting the baboon chop all he can.

I began to ask myself what could probably be the cause of such trend. Self worth? I think if you give yourself an excellent value and are confident to let people see it, they will accept and conform to it.

self worth=net worth

Now, I am not asking anyone to be a narcissist but maintaining a good level of self worth, value, or esteem will enable one get ahead in whatever area of life we find ourselves. It’s time we put an end to doing all the work and taking little or no credit (financial or otherwise). Know your worth, build on it and don’t settle for less.

Interviewing for a job, what do you do or say when asked how much your remuneration package should look like?

Looking at your economy, work environment and people all around, what do you think would be the reason for such lack or low self confidence/worth. What can we do to change this?

Let’s encourage each as we find and become the best we are meant to be.

dont sell short


2 thoughts on “Self Worth?

  1. It seems ridiculous to me that anyone would be unprepared for that question to arise during an interview. You should always be ready to provide a figure, or at least a range, that you are looking for. Honestly, you can research average salaries in your field and for your part of the country with an easy internet search.


    1. I was completely appalled. You are right, a research of the average salary won’t take anything. Even if one is clueless about what’s paid in that field, it can’t be that hard coming up with a figure.

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