ThoughtsFull Thursday

If you are given access to every kind of resource you could ever ask for (money, labor, raw materials and what not) to set up anything you wish , what would you do?

For me, judging by how I’m feeling now, I would first order for the very best ice cream and cake in the WWWorld! Then, I will gather the best people who are interested in different aspects of media. I wouldn’t go for just those who already consider themselves “experts” but more of those that have real raw talents untapped for lack of opportunity. Then again, I’ll build the best TV and Radio station in the WWWorld and pour in all the ideas I’ve got while praying dearly it all turns out really successful! The most interesting part will be having not to put up with any nonsensical attitude as the power to recruit and fire will be in my tiny hands (evil laugh). I’m not evil though, it’ll all be done sensibly and always with very good reasons. hehe! It’ll run online too!

So, back at you, what would you do?  Think hard and well and tell us. Who knows, the controller of the universe and all that is there in may read this blog and decide to send a genie 😀 😉 😛



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