Down, Out and Under

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I have been inactive for some days/weeks now. One of the many things I feared before starting my blog was consistency. I worried if I’ll be able to keep up and always have content for my blog. Basically, I only questioned my ability to write and creativity. I forgot to think of one of the most important factors of our existence, GOOD, SOUND HEALTH!

So I’ve being down. This is the reason for my absence. It all started with slight headaches and queasy feelings then and now which I systematically ruled off and assumed I will get over, till I lost my appetite. This is a huge deal for me as I generally do not like to eat a lot, so stopping the inflow of food to my system entirely made me seek help.

I hate drugs! Just like a lot of other people do but I think mine is on another level. I would rather take an injection or have the drugs administered intravenously than have to push those mean tasting tablets down my throat. bleh!

I have been through the first dose, the initial symptoms are gone and I did feel a lot better till the next ill feelings came. Now, I can’t seem to get food past my chest cavity. I crave a lot of things and really do want to chug them down but the deal is, eating gives me this heart wrenching feeling that leaves me all weak and helpless. Is that how heart burn works? Thought that was with some certain foods but this seems to happen with everything that goes down my throat, liquids are no exceptions. How do I deal with that? Often times I feel like taking a carving knife to my chest, no! not suicidal instincts, just to perform a personal surgery and see what the heck is really going on in then. Oh well, I have a doctor’s appointment today which I hope to get to as soon as my boss signs off some letters.

What do I really want now, I hear myself ask. Well, first, I WANT MY BODY BACK!!!!! Second, I want to go away, on a vacay that is. I signed up for the writing101 and the first prompt had to do with a place or somewhere we would rather be. So this is me indirectly heeding to the prompt.

I want to go away, anywhere in the world actually as long as there’s peace and quiet, a cool but not chilly weather. With all the food that I love (whatever those might be), the nicest of bed, cheerful attendants, huge selection of wonderful movies and books. A place where I can have a super alone time. Friends can come and go when I choose. Does this qualify for the prompt? just trying though. *weak smile*

I crave a certain type of rest now and like I already said, I want my Healthy body back!!! Until then, keep doing your thing guys. Say a lil prayer for me, I’m doing a lot of that here already. Hope to be back soon.


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