..in my head

My last post is exactly two months old today. What a coincidence, right?.. Not planned anyway. I wrote about how I was down due to an illness, I’m glad I can write again that I’m 100% OK! Yes! Mighty thanks to God for the clean bill of health. We starting on a clean slate. 😀

I recouped awhile ago though but somehow, for reasons I can quite state, didn’t return to blogging. A lot of my energy was drained through the time and I only gaining them all back. So I’ve decided to take it one step at a time.

Life teaches us many lessons in vast different ways. I learnt a few in the past couple of months. My faith/believe was tested in those months. Being an African and a Nigerian at that, I grew up listening to some folk tales, a lot of which bordered on diabolical activities. I have never experienced any of these activities first hand, not even while in the boarding house in high school when we did have sleepless nights due to some teenagers “binding and casting” the supposed demons in another teen. As a Christian, I never gave keen attention to them, yes I do pray against the devil.

I took up a job January this year to work as a secretary to a prominent person in the country. My boss happens to run his activities in his office which is in his country home (village), as I result, I have to also work from there. I faced (still face) a lot of challenges working from there. Without having done any wrong, some people are bitter about my appointment, hence every effort to frustrate and kick me out is in place. I have a certain colleague who always took it upon herself to tell me scary stories. Then, there’s the office assistant who when a member of her family falls ill, will always rule it as an attack by an enemy and the said family member will be taken to a “prayer house” for prayers and whatsoever kind of treatment that could be given, without any medical consultation.

I always advised her to go to the hospital and carry out proper tests to learn what the real issue is to no avail.

Little did I know that these things will affect me in the nearest future. The symptoms of the illness that had me down started poco-a-poco. From little headaches, to minor chills, inability to eat and heart burns I had never experienced before. I self medicated *covers face* but it felt like it doubled then I had to run to the doctor who prescribed a ton of drugs for me. Mehn!..I hate those little suckers! Lol.. I began to feel a lot better but that didn’t last. That was when the real nightmare started, all the stories I heard began to ring bells in my head, some of the workers animosity towards me doubled and my whole thought was that since they couldn’t frustrate me outta my place it was time to kill me! Arrghhh! I felt defeated and I ran to God, I prayed all the healing prayers I could find in the bible. Like most illness, sometimes it allows you feel good and other times terrible, that was my ordeal. In the good times it was, “oh my enemies are being defeated” lol.. Funny now but it wasn’t then.. haha!

Finally I had to knock myself out of the, if I may say, uneducated, naïve world I was in and I went all kung-fu on every medical check-up and here I am fine and whole again.

Ok, my post is really getting long. Moral is, be careful what and who you listen to as they can affect you positively or negatively. Health wise, always do all the checks before jumping to conclusions.

Sometimes the devil we are fighting is ourselves and our ignorance. I am glad mine didn’t kill me.

As we find and become all that we are, may we not let the crazy voices in the world get in our head or distract us.



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