30 day challenge.. The beginning 

Aloha people!. Guess happy new month is still in order as today is only the second day of the month of July. Welcome to the 2nd half of the year! I pray it brings us better things.

Sometime last month I read Lexie’s Blog and her posts on the 30 day challenge got me all inspired and I decided to give it a try. Maybe it will help me with the whole writing shindig *shrugs*. 

Thought I would start yesterday been the first but somehow didn’t get to it, but hey, July’s got 31days so I think im still in line.

So, this is me taking up the challenge, hopefully, at the end of this I get to become a lil better at blogging/writing, you know me a lil more and I get to purge too. *smile*



OK! Here goes something.

1. Family

2. Reading

3. Movies

4. Music

5. Dance

6. Love

7. Friends

8. Challenging work that leads to creativity 

9. Interesting food

10. Church

There you have it! Awesome list, eh? Maybe, maybe not. 😛 
Wish I could really go all out and tell how everything on my list adds rays of sunshine in my life. 
They ought to be loads of other things in there but.. 
My list reads simple and a bit cliché’ish, right? Well, I’m as simple as simple can be. Give me a happy family, throw in some music, dance, movies, invite a couple of close friends with interesting food that has our appetite snapping, and I’ll definitely be heading to cloud nine. 
Reading is an interesting mood changer. Getting oneself entwined in the plot of a good book, the characters, it takes you away from troubles. Temporary, I know, but it’s still amazing. It also educates and enlightens. 
I’m sure a few things in here will be on your list too. 

What do you think of it? 


your thoughts...

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