DAY 2 ~ 30 D.C.


Before I start on today’s challenge, let me tell you a bit about my day. I had a crappy stressful day, yes,
that kind of day you wish you didn’t wake up to or wish you could just sleep back and wake to realize it
was all just a dream.

The day ought to have been a wonderful one as my boss travelled and I hoped to spend it surfing the
web but it all turned sour right before it started. The crappiness of my day all borders on the
ineffectiveness of our security and justice system. A system where in search of one criminal, loads of
innocent ones are bundled up and made to suffer for nothing.

My brother who is in his final year in college together with other hostel lodge students were made to go
through hell for a crime they knew nothing about. A security agency in search of one person, conducted
a search and even after this person was found still went ahead to bundle everyone in sight to their
station where they were made to stay in a hell hole excuse of a cell after which they had to post bail
with huge sums of money that some can’t afford. I thank God for His provision, else, the boy poor would
still have been ‘lounging’ in there.

Ok! Can it get any worse, my laptop charger just started to malfunction.
Without further ado, let me get down to biz.

There are many things people have told me about me that I haven’t forgotten but I will go with what a
certain taxi driver whom I was only meeting for the first time said to me. I was running late to a
fellowship and I decided to hasten my trip by taking a cab. As he drove, he turned for a quick look at me
and then went on to say how I seem to be nice, that because of my quiet and kind nature people will
always seek to take advantage of me. This he said will become somewhat frustrating but I shouldn’t let
that deter me from been kind and good natured and in due time it’ll all work out and I would get to that
wonderful place I wish to be in life.

Strange, eh? I thought of it throughout the rest of the day and every other day when I try to be sooo
nice and people try to take advantage of me. It sorta does keep me going.

This goes to prove the saying that we should always speak kindly to people, you never know how much
our words can heal or help them.

Until next time, let me go sort out my charger issue. Bye for now!
Stay passionate.
Nancy ❤ 


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