DAY 3 B.C.

What are your top three pet peeves? 

The long awaited day 3 is here! Lol.. Busy days, forgive me. My excuse with my absence is getting much right? Me and this my blog..smh
Ok! Most of my pet peeves have to do with ignorance. 
Number 1: I dislike ignorance a whole lot. I hate to see people who are clueless bout everything. Now, don’t get me wrong here. I know we are all not perfect and still learning, everyday, but I hate to be around people who are totally clueless. Not in this age nor time. It gets to me most when these people refuse to learn after their ignorance has been pointed out. How silly can one be. When a supposed graduate exhibits some silliness that can’t even be attributed to a little child. 
Number 2: Pretending. That is like another huge thing I haven’t being able to reconcile with. How do you pretend everything is good when it’s obviously bad. And the fake laughs that follow sometimes, disgusting! 
Number 3: should I say promiscuous men? Can’t seem to grab the word to describe them at the moment. Men who can’t stay away from any female and can’t even maintain any form of decorum while at it. 
Then there are those ones that are pests, rodents! (Sorry). They will stalk you on the phone, social media, via SMS.. Heck! They can follow you everywhere! Ask for every detail about your day and no! It’s not in a caring way but stalk’ish.. 
I could go on and on but lemme pause here. 
Until next time, Stay passionate! 

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