Not perfect. But great.


after months of literally running away from my blog, I decide to just take a peak as I got a prompt from a friend I follow. From reading and liking his post I encourage myself to open the window even more and I found this! This spoke to me like nothing else. This is totally me. Many times I ask myself if perfectionism is a gift or plague. I never feel ready enough, good enough. I always feel whatever I can come with, someone else will probably top that and no one will care about mine, crazy eh?! I gave my self an internal pep talk a bit, shed a tear and decided to move on.

I want to become all I can become, I want to hack off the grip that fear has on me many times. I want to give all I can and create the most beautiful of things. I want to really live each day.

I am most glad to know I’m not alone, that someone feels or has felt the same things as I do or did. I am encouraged to take every step and conquer. Thanks for the amazing post!

Even as I read this for error/spell checks, I’m tempted to not hit post, but I think this will be a step towards overcoming all I need to. I am not afraid to let you know I feel. (At least I’m starting)

Truth and Cake

Not perfect. But great.

Today I had a wake-up call in my long journey in recovering from perfectionism:

Not showing up is such a waste.

A little backstory: I started my journey as a coach a little over two years ago. In that time, I’ve done a huge amount of self-exploration, growth and healing work and I’ve facilitated a lot of growth for others. My feedback has been consistently amazing. When I say I’m good at what I do, it’s not bragging. It’s simple truth. Truth that’s taken me a long time to wrap my heart and soul around. Truth my ego’s had a field day with: stay small, who are you to shine like that? Downplay, downplay, downplay.

But the thing is, we can’t really help people when we’re exerting so much energy to downplay our gifts.

I’ve been working (with my amazing design partner-in-crime) on creating a website for the past year…

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