Buck’less Dream?

Whilst surfing my Facebook page today, looking mostly at pictures and reading status updates half way through and at the same time waiting on any of my fellow candy crushers to avail me a ticket to get to the next Candy adventure filled island during my self imposed lunch/relaxation
break, I found this statement picture and all of the above activities were paused as it got me thinking.

What is the true motivation behind our dreams and aspirations? What is it that really gets us all fired up about a dream, an idea, a goal?
Do we get all dream actualization motivated because of the financial implications or it’s the in thing and much money will be flowing in? Or do we strive to achieve because it will make a positive difference and somehow make the world a better place not withstanding how much or little difference it may really make in our bank account?

I for one, I have several of my own dreams and aspirations. Some came as a result of a hobby, a person I admire, how I think life or a thing should be, my talents and so on. I won’t lie that most times, I really hope that in the actualization of these dreams, that my financial status will drastically change and take a heart leaping upward turn, nevertheless, if that doesn’t happen in the beginning/mid phase, should it stop me from pursing these dreams.?

I strongly believe that a lot of dreams have been bottled up because it won’t thaw in the strongly desired big bucks. But then imagine the difference they would have made.

Does work only really pay with just money? I don’t think so! because even with the plenty cash a lot of people are making, they still end up miserable, unsatisfied and searching for me. There is a certain kind of joy you experience when you are doing something you really love.
I like to: dance, write down my thoughts, help people make personal style decisions, love to be an OAP and so many other things I do dream up. I pray to someday finally put together all of these to make something wonderful, inspiring and fulfilling while encouraging others. And yes, I truly think I could go for them in-spite of how much money it may bring. Not because I don’t want money but because I believe in the bigger picture and all other benefits which will make more sense in the non-existence of money.

This is to you out there about to give up on your dreams because they say it’s a field where big bucks ain’t made, there’s more to dreams than that. Believe me and thank me later.

At this junction, I put the question to you, if money didn’t exist, would you still chase your dreams?
Would you still go ahead to become that person you really desire to become? I know I would but I definitely won’t do my present official job without money!! Hehe..šŸ˜œ


2 thoughts on “Buck’less Dream?

  1. I don’t think of money as the end-all measurement of success, but a necessary element to enable us to do what we are driven to do with our lives (it’s nice to have food and shelter in our journey:)


    1. Yes it’s sure a necessity. Though sometimes people tend to see that as the only reward that should come from their efforts or dreams.. Thanks for reading through and the comment.!


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